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Learn About This Historic Site in Fredericksburg

Historic Fort Martin Scott is a significant piece of Texan history established by the U.S. Army in 1848. Texas Rangers utilized the site before and after military occupation. The Confederate Army briefly took control during the Civil War, further adding to its historical significance. After it was abandoned, the Braeutigam family bought the land and turned it into a farm, which served as a testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of Texans. In 1949, the City of Fredericksburg purchased Fort Martin Scott, preserving it for future generations and ensuring that its rich history remains accessible to all.

How to Visit Historic Fort Martin Scott

Fort Martin Scott is a historic site at 290 E (Main Street) in Fredericksburg, Texas. It was the first U.S. Army outpost built on the Texas Frontier. The site has one restored original garrison building, one old farm shed from the late 1800s, and three reproduction garrison buildings. The Fort is owned by the City of Fredericksburg and managed by the Texas Rangers Heritage Center. 

You can enter the Fort’s gate or the Former Texas Rangers site to take a self-guided walk at the location of a pre-Civil War (1848) military outpost. This will help you learn about one of Texas’s first frontier Army forts. A new nature trail has been built, starting from the north side of Fort Martin Scott and winding along Baron’s Creek for about half a mile. Along your peaceful hike, you can see wildlife, wildflowers, and a bird blind built by The Fredericksburg Rotary Club. 

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